The information contained in this text is intended for the serious experi­menter and should be used only by those with a thorough background knowledge in model rocketry.  Commercially manufactured model rocket engines and model rocket kits are readily available and should be used by beginners.  Model rocket engines built by the amateur from this text must be made very care­fully and by following all safety standards explicitly to be effective, reli­able and safe.  In addition to the rules listed for the construction of rocket engines, the NAR safety rules for model rocketry should also be adhered to.

Basement bombers of an earlier era gave amateur rocketry a bad name before the advent of commercial model rocket engines and the National Asso­ciation of Rocketry which developed standards for the industry and sport.  The author urges you to help maintain amateur rocketry’s good name by using common sense and following all safety rules.

The building and launching of home built rocket engines comes under the classification of experimental amateur rocketry and not under model rocketry.  Consult your state fire marshal as to the laws and regulations in your state as a special license may be required.  They will be glad to help you obtain a license or find someone who already has one to supervise your activities.

Product Engineering and Development Company (PEADCO) shall not be liable for any damages or injuries resulting from activities or experimentation carried on as a result of information contained within this manual because we have no control over the use of this information.


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